• Health and Science Innovation

    Our vision is to develop educational tools in the form of research training through summer camps, social networking to pair up students and mentors, on line tutorials, workshops and conferences to inspire young students to create and develop patentable technologies.

  • Young Innovators Quest

    Young Innovators Quest 2012. An amazing learning journey at a science and technology camp focused in creativity and innovation

  • Projects

    "OnCall" is designed to connect the public to licensed medical professionals and to bring more affordable and reliable access to personal medical assistance.

  • Volunteer

    In order to continue technological innovation and advancement within the United States, it is necessary to invest in the new generations by providing incentives to create, explore and innovate.

  • Volunteer

    We have opportunities to join our cause either as a volunteer or donating to support our multiple initiatives. We are interested in what you have to offer as to inspire young minds to make their dreams a reality

Who We Are

Health and Science Innovations was created with the purpose of expanding available resources for creative individuals with ideas, for people who believe and take risks! Great inventions, products, and services are constantly discovered, created, and enhanced. It is our job to provide new generations with the tools and the incentives to continue their education in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics and simultaneously help them become successful researchers and innovators. This is a key to positively influence our society, our community, and consequently continue shaping a better word.


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Working in the lab has taught me to apply creativity to life and has given me a feeling of empowerment. The feeling that changing the world is only for the old has been transformed to one which says anyone with passion can.

Haleigh Eppler - Mentor
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